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Affiverse Amplify Summit Recap – Spotlight on Casino, Bingo & Lottery – How to Get Ahead of your Competitors

Affiverse Amplify Summit Recap – Spotlight on Casino, Bingo & Lottery – How to Get Ahead of your Competitors

The final panel of the Affiverse Amplify Summit was the perfect note to finish two days of discussion on. Insights and best practices were shared, and delegates had the chance to discuss one of the most important niches of affiliate marketing – that of casino, bingo & lottery.

The Spotlight on Casino, Bingo & Lottery – How to Get Ahead of your Competitors panel was moderated by Lee-Ann Johnstone, CEO and Founder of Affiverse. It was, like the Spotlight on Sports Betting panel, sponsored by

Our experts for this final panel consisted of:

  • Lee Gwilliam – VP of Casino & Gambling at
  • Allan Petrilli – VP of Sales & Growth at Intelitics
  • Justin Le Brocque – Head of Marketing at (Yolo Group)
  • Sue Dawson – Head of Content at FTD Digital

They had one hour to discuss one of the most important aspects of this fast-paced and always-changing industry – what can affiliate managers and marketers do to get ahead of competitors?

Trends and motivation

When discussing casino, bingo & lottery, it is very important that affiliates and affiliate managers know how to build strategies that engage, convert, and retain players. Sustainability and entertainment are key factors. People want to return to the same site over and over but they must have reason to. Companies need to know what to do in order to attract and retain players.

There are several trends that must be taken into account when planning how to best attract and retain players.

One of the biggest at the moment, and with the most flexibility, is that of gamification. Offering rewards and incentives to players will help them to come back again and again, and it helps play to become more routine.

It is also vital to offer slots with a higher volatility than others. This means that most spins can result in a loss, but when a player does land a win, it tends to be higher.

Games are also getting much more complex. It is vital that affiliate managers and partners know their games inside and out, so that they can offer as much information to their customers as possible.

What affiliate managers should be doing

The role of the affiliate manager is incredibly important in the world of casino, bingo, & lottery. Internal marketers need to make sure that they have all the information and education needed to effectively tailor the experience of players and inform affiliate partners about what is happening. This then allows them to present their own audience with the best and more effective information.

Self-regulation is also vital. It creates a much better environment for players and companies alike, so all need to be aware and in control for an effective campaign that reaches as many people as possible in a safe and reliable manner.

Nowadays, it is vital that you tap into other platforms using your influencers. Players are not just searching for the games themselves – they also want to find them as part of a wider community. Whether it is Instagram, TikTok, or any other platform you might choose to target, it is vital that influencers are delivering more than just information about the game.

Product placement also needs to be more obvious when content is gambling specific. Simply attaching links or creating a vague post without a lot of information is not going to deliver the results needed.

Looking to the future

The casino, bingo & lottery sector is one that is changing and evolving constantly. Affiliate managers and marketers need to be prepared to keep up with such changes if they are to see an improvement in terms of engagement and retention.

Bingo is a great example here. It used to all be about community and the chat function, but this is being dropped by many companies for simply being too expensive. If a brand wishes to continue using them, it needs to be done just right.

Affiliate marketers should also be looking for easy ways they can encourage players to come back to increase retention. A great example could be to offer a game where play takes place on Friday but results aren’t released until Saturday. Remember that casino and bingo players are more often going to be playing in the evenings or late at night – something that should be factored into your strategy.

Create new products to help you stand out and get your users involved. Is there something that you can do to implement AI tools? There are so many options when it comes to looking to the future and what this sector of the iGaming industry could bring.

Casino, bingo & lottery – capture and keep players’ attentions

If you wish to put yourself ahead of your competition in the casino, bingo & lottery, you need to ensure that you are offering a quality experience for your customers from start to finish. Ensure that you are building robust strategies that will help to attract and retain the attention of your players.

It is no doubt that this is one topic we will return to come the Affiverse Elevate Summit in June. Make sure to register now so you can be the first to learn how to elevate your affiliate marketing!

Meanwhile, make sure to check out the full video for the panel on the Spotlight on Casino, Bingo & Lottery – How to Get Ahead of your Competitors here!



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