Affiliate Drive Time Week 51: Creating fresh content

Keeping your content fresh. It’s important for keeping you ahead of the curve and growing your authority. And while it can help you to achieve new sign-ups – as we discussed last week – it’s also just as useful for keeping affiliates engaged.

But there are so many kinds of content that you can create these days, so how do you know what to focus on? Good news – I’m going to give you some tips and tricks in this week’s #AffiliateDriveTime.

A proper content strategy 

We’ve all heard the saying: “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. And that rings true in content marketing especially. There’s not a chance that you’ll know what to put out if you don’t think things through. Even worse, your target audience can see right through articles and videos that you’ve rushed.

Take the time to figure out what your affiliates’ problems are and how these can be addressed. If you’re unsure on what these are, then asking them is the best bet. You’re much better off doing research in the beginning than having to figure out what went wrong later.

Build a relationship with your affiliates 

You know that company which emails you every other day demanding that you buy their product? Yeah, that gets annoying very fast. And only sharing promotions for affiliates to update is just as irritating.

Content marketing is a two-way street. In order to get value from your affiliates, you must provide value to them. You’ll not only build trust between the pair of you, but shall also grow a more personal relationship.

Keep a calendar

A content calendar is an easy and effective way to keep on top of what’s coming up for not just you, but your whole team too. Naturally, many of your brainstormed ideas will never make the front page of your website. So, by creating a calendar, it’s easier to ensure only your best thoughts go live and also have a clearer sight of events and promotions.

Remember that affiliates won’t just be working with you. You therefore need to differentiate yourself from their other partners.

More useful tips are in the video below.


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