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Awin launches new Awin Access platform

Worldwide affiliate network Awin has launched Awin Access, a new platform aimed at helping small businesses to scale further. In particular, this service will be aimed at providing growth through affiliate marketing.

As of now, Awin has partnered with over 1,500 SMEs within the UK – ranging across a variety of industries. All-in-all, its revenue programmes have driven over £1 billion for these companies.

About the Awin Access platform 

Awin Access will offer affiliate managers various reporting tools, plus access to Awin’s directory of over 200,000 publishers. Moreover, no set-up cost is involved for the SME.

Following the release of the platform, Michelle O’Sullivan – Business Director UK at Awin – offered her thoughts.

“Our goal was to provide the affiliate marketing platform of choice that gives small companies access to a diverse range of online partners to grow their business”, she said.

O’Sullivan continued by commenting on how “delighted” she was with its success of a UK pilot. And now the full product is live, she expects Awin Access to build on this.

“We are excited to open up Awin’s platform and network to a new customer segment, helping small businesses to thrive and create their own success stories through a proven, effective marketing channel.”

What does this mean for affiliate software suppliers? 

At the very least, the launch of a white label affiliate platform will be of interest to companies that specialise in this type of software. It represents a wider demand from brands to have full control over their tracking and data.

And this is just one part of the jigsaw. In an interview with Affiverse last month, CoinPoint General Manager Oron Barber mentioned that affiliates are starting to integrate blockchain for similar reasons. He stated that this technology provides full transparency on where their traffic is coming from.

As these changes trickle further into iGaming, software suppliers have much to think about. Now is the time to start thinking about how they can set themselves apart, otherwise they risk getting left behind.

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