A look at the summer affiliate sporting calendar

If you’re a sports betting affiliate now is the time to get thinking about your strategy for the rest of the year. With a host of key events coming up you really need to be prepared and ready to jump on the upcoming sporting trends that will help build site traffic. We’re here to tell you all about the latest content marketing and digital trends to help you jump in with your best foot forward and make the most of a jam packed sporting year.

Commonwealth Games

Whilst the Commonwealth games are already underway, they feature a range of different sporting events that can help attract a variety of new customers interested in non mainstream sports. With everything from boxing to squash to bet on, this sporting event appeals to just about every kind of bettor. Those that have an interest in these sports can be tempted to take a punt and place a bet.

Make the most of this year’s World Cup

With plenty of matches to get betting on and a massive media presence, the World Cup is one of the largest sporting events of the year. Already you can see a build up of sites touting their promotions with a few months still to go to the main event. The key is to keep your content original and engaging. Talk about different aspects of the games and players and make sure audiences have all the latest news and tips that could influence their betting choices.

If you’re a sports betting affiliate that wants their share of the World Cup traffic, then you have to think outside the box to capitalise on the already popular key terms, not to mention the strict regulations surrounding the use of “world cup “ as an official trade marked term. FIFA has a clear document that outlines the rules and regulations you can use when referring to the World Cup which you can download here.

You don’t want to be trying to compete with sites with more money at the same game, as they will most likely use their increased resources to win. You need to think about ways that you can set up a campaign, competition, or promotion that will attract fans to your site first. This is where social media can also be your friend. Viral marketing campaigns and clever wordplay are always useful when it comes to competition with high value and strictly trade marketed terms.


This tennis championship is on our television screens for two weeks in the summer. This kind of exposure means that tennis betting receives a massive boom, from hardcore and casual bettors alike. Already, we’re seeing sites putting out content in order to rank for Wimbledon based keywords. Traditionally tennis punters are higher value players and they are serious about heir game. Expanding your reach to include content around other mainstream events to football (most popular) can be a good long tail strategy to gain more customers.

It’s already possible to bet on the overall Men’s Singles winner on some sites too, as they’re already prepared for the biggest tennis event of the year. So why not create some content that targets this niche and see how you can create additional marketing conversations around what is a very popular european sport.

Tour de France

This cycling extravaganza doesn’t take place until the summer, but again some operators already have their odds out there. While not many players may take these odds up until closer to the event, there’s no harm in getting your content out there early.
Cycling betting is still something of a niche, so you could use this to carve out a new place for yourself in the affiliate landscape. The key thing is that it’s not very competitive. Again niche down and find a pocket of customers that could be interested in the context you have around this sport and you may find yourself lucky with gaining positive results in a whole new data set.

British Grand Prix

Another summer event coming our way, the British Grand Prix garners a huge audience of automotive enthusiasts. The big day occurs on the 8th of July, so mark this date in your diary now. There are a fair few of these car races throughout the year, but none will gain as large a viewership as the British Grand Prix.

Again, this could be a niche betting option that your portal could specialise in alongside the most popular football leagues. Giving tips and information on the cars is a great way to get involved in the community around car racing and to appear as an expert source of information.

The Open

Another event that will be taking up our television screens over the summer, The Open officially kicks off on the 19th of July. Hot off the back of the Masters in April, this golfing event has millions of viewers around the globe. While the competition takes place in Scotland, it’s viewed far and wide. The world’s oldest golf tournament is fertile ground for tipsters and affiliates that bring bettors the latest news. Novelty bets are available from some operators too, so it’s up to you if you want to extol the serious or more frivolous bets. Know your audience to figure out what they prefer.

Now that you have these dates, it’s time to put them in your calendar and prepare for the next two quarters. There are a number of key sporting events that can help you create lucrative niche opportunities for your affiliate business, so make sure you’re aware of the hashtags you’ll use, develop interesting content and you may just benefit from getting that seasonal traffic onto your affiliate site.

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