The Top 10 Esports Affiliate Programs

The esports industry has been growing extensively over the past few years and now, affiliates are hoping to cash in on it and get a slice of the action. Did you know that esports is expected to bring in more than 454 million viewers in the coming years? As more game developers join the esports industry and the player pool extends, esports is gaining more and more profit.

We thought we would look at some of the top 10 esports affiliate programs that you might be interested in hearing more about.


You have probably heard of GameStop as it is a well-known gaming store that sells toys, video games and electronics to consumers. This affiliate program has been growing over recent years with more affiliates realising the benefits of promoting the products sold by GameStop. Each of these products are linked to the growing esports industry. However, the commission for this program is currently unlisted.

DX Racer

If you are hoping to get into esports then we recommend checking out DX Race. This affiliate program offers between 5-10% commission for affiliates who get on board. It is important to note that you can only become a DX Race affiliate if you are based in the USA or Canada but if you manage to get accepted, you’ll be promoting gaming chairs, gear and computer desks.


If you want to get into esports betting specifically, then we recommend that you check out the Rivalry affiliate program. This will earn you up to 30% commission and you’ll be promoting a platform that allows players to bet on matches and tournaments. There are tons of games to choose from including Rocket League and Dota 2.


Another betting platform that you can become an affiliate of is Epulze. This platform allows players to connect and compete for money. They can engage in quick matches and tournaments against other players who enjoy Dota 2. You can expect to earn around 25-35% plus bonuses with this program.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a game store online that allows players to enjoy games by purchasing bundles. If you join this affiliate program, you can earn around $10 per new subscriber, alongside 5% on the sales that you make as an affiliate. With a large selection of games, customers love this platform.


Razer is a store that sells gaming systems, hardware and software. You can join their affiliate program and gain up to 20% in commission by promoting their products online. This program is run by FlexOffers and it is designed to target professional gamers who need this kind of gear for their set up.

ULT Esports

If you would prefer to partner with an apparel shop then we can recommend the ULT Esports affiliate program. This store sells apparel from esports teams around the world, allowing customers to purchase hoodies, hats and more. As an affiliate, you’ll get up to 10% commission and benefit from higher-priced goods.


This affiliate program has a slightly lower commission rate than others with it coming in at 1-5%. Go2Games is an online retailer of games consoles and other equipment, alongside some of the biggest games in the world. Interestingly, the commission rates are split by product type with a larger commission offered to affiliates that sell pre-owned goods.


Have you ever considered joining the Microsoft affiliate program? This well-known brand is offering affiliates the chance to partner with products such as the Xbox and make up to 10% when doing so. Microsoft is hosting tournaments through Cloud 9 and so is one to watch in this space.


Finally, we recommend that you check out NVIDIA, a company that creates GPUs. Gamers require these graphics processing units to ensure their games are up to scratch and so the market is quite good. The current commission rate is unlisted for this program but with a higher price tag on the products, we recommend looking into this program further.

Get involved sooner rather than later

Esports affiliate programs are popping up everywhere and so now is the time to get involved. Secure that excellent affiliate commission rate and you’ll be able to build a channel in a growing industry.

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