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3 reasons to use Dolphin anti-detect browser for work

Dolphin is an anti-detect browser that was made for easily solving any task related to arbitrage traffic. It’s perfectly suited for crypto-sphere, multi-accounting, funnelling, and media buying. Dolphin’s team have made one of the best browsers for teamwork, account management, and routine automation.

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1. Create Real Fingerprints and Don’t Get Banned

Dolphin’s best feature is the mechanism that generates browser fingerprints but developed an overall system that scans and copies the real fingerprint variables from general internet users and generates fingerprints based on them. Thus, Dolphin generates the most credible and trusted fingerprints. With that anti-detect browser, you can visit any website and look like a general Internet user.

2. Smart Notes, Statuses & Tags

The browser has a user-friendly design. In Dolphin{anty}, you can find a quick create and/or edit feature for notes right in the main application window where you can also specify tags and status for each profile. Parameter filters allow you to quickly search for the required profile and study its details in notes.

3. Automation Feature

The demand for process automation grows by day because it allows you to save your precious time.  Dolphin{anty} focused on developing a simple solution so that any user, regardless of their coding skills, can do it. An automation solution we came up with represents a constructor which allows you to create automation templates and apply them in a couple of clicks. We’re also working on the scripts store, so that users don’t have to write scripts themselves and rather use ready-made scripts for traffic arbitrage tasks created by others.

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