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Unleash Affiliate Marketing Domination: Level Up Your Affiliate Management Game at AMLeaders Miami 2024

Forget “excellence” – crushing it is the new benchmark in affiliate marketing domination. How do you explode past normal industry standards and make affiliate management mastery your everyday reality?

The answer?

Join us at AMLeaders Miami 2024, your exclusive springboard to affiliate marketing mastery. AMLeaders is the joint brainchild of industry veteran Lee-Ann Johnstone, founder of Affiverse and Matthew Wood, founder of Hello Partner and PILive events. 

After the success of our initial AMLeaders training in London last year, I’m thrilled to be working with and able to bring Lee-Ann’s energy and affiliate marketing expertise over to PILive in Miami for 2024. With expert-led triage, all under Chatham House rule, AMLeaders in Miami will offer attendees guidance and one-to-one problem solving you simply can’t get elsewhere.” says Wood. 

On April 16th, 2024, the Trade Room at InterContinental Miami transforms into your ultimate affiliate power-up zone. We’re talking immersive workshops, expert-led masterclasses, and game-changing networking. All of this is rolled into one neat event you can learn from. Gain tactical advice and talk to industry experts who will offer a n0-holds-barred session for the benefit of those in the room, on the day! 

Affiverse founder, Lee-Ann says : “AMLeaders is a must-attend event for any affiliate program manager looking to level up their performance.  Learn with OG’s who have pioneered the affiliate marketing industry and are now coming together to teach what they know to the next generation of affiliate program managers. You won’t find the knowledge that’s amassed in this one room in any text book or online training course, either. Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to leapfrog  your competition and come join us!”

Ready to make Affiliate Marketing Domination a reality, this year? 

Here’s your roadmap to affiliate management mastery:

  • Empower yourself with the hottest affiliate marketing trends and tactics. Leave your competitors in the dust with cutting-edge strategies.
  • Position your program for unstoppable growth in the ever-evolving affiliate landscape. Gain a ruthless competitive edge that drives conversions.
  • Get your hands dirty in exclusive roundtables and triage sessions with a collection of OG affiliate marketing veterans. 
  • Triage your program’s challenges on the spot and walk away with personalised action plans that will skyrocket your performance.
  • Master the psychology of sales and negotiation. Turn your affiliate program into an irresistible magnet for top-tier partners.
  • Discover secret affiliate recruitment techniques. Tap into untapped markets and build a diverse, thriving program that’s the envy of the industry.
  • Conquer global expansion with expert strategies. Reach new audiences and dominate international markets.

Here’s a sneak peek at your power-packed AMLeaders agenda:

We’ll be discussing the following topics in a variety of formats, from workshops to masterclasses, panel discussions and triage sessions – designed to keep you busy and interacting to learn, test, discuss and grow! 

Workshop 1 – Panel Debate with Industry OG’s

  • We’ll get the OG’s  front and centre to discuss : Performance beyond the click: Navigate the evolving affiliate landscape with industry titans.

Workshop 2  – MasterClass Presentation

  • In this in-depth MasterClass, you’ll learn how to  become a social selling and personal branding rockstar. You’ll learn how to attract dream partnerships like a magnet and build your social presence like an Affiliate Marketing Pro! 

Workshop 3 – Affiliate Program Triage Sessions

  • Join our Affiliate program ER and triage your current problems with professionals. Get your program battle-ready with veteran guidance. Deep dive into tracking, fraud, scalability, B2B partnerships, AI-powered outreach and more!

Workshop 4 – Interactive Workshop 

  • Get tactical in this hands-on workshop where you’ll be led to Rethink, Reimagine, Reignite your strategy and build an unbreakable affiliate growth engine in today’s complex affiliate marketing ecosystem.


Don’t wait! Secure your early bird ticket before March 15th and lock in the best price of $495 for this intensive half day workshop. This is your chance to transform your affiliate program, achieve affiliate marketing domination, skyrocket your skills, and join forces with the affiliate marketing elite.

AMLeaders Miami 2024 is for:

  • Affiliate program managers at brands, agencies, networks, and e-commerce stores.
  • Anyone who wants to dominate their affiliate marketing progress and build solid affiliate relationships 
  • Newcomers who want to get fast tracked advice for success with experienced veterans


Ready to unlock your affiliate marketing superpowers? 

Book your ticket now!

Let’s unleash the future of affiliate marketing together!

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