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10 things we learned at ELEVATE

As we celebrate the success of our 2023 Affiverse ELEVATE Summit, we now look ahead to the future. Another world-class industry event is on the horizon – join us for the AMPLIFY Summit in January, where you will gain more insights from industry peers.

Let’s take a look back at just some of the learnings from ELEVATE, this year:

  1. The importance of virtual networking

The first and foremost lesson of the ELEVATE Summit is that you cannot put a value on networking. Networking allows you to interact with others in the industry that you otherwise may not cross paths with.

In this world where global reach is more accessible than ever, that might mean that your most sought-after opinions are on the other side of the globe. The virtual aspect of the ELEVATE Summit was particularly useful to peers across the world. No flight is necessary and no extra time is taken out of busy schedules.

You can expect the same kind of hospitality in January when we launch our AMPLIFY Summit, complete with Masterclasses and Panels on various affiliate marketing subjects.

  1. The insights that can come from industry peers

The lessons from the ELEVATE Summit are numerous and come from people at the top of their field. Delegates were able to swap ideas in the chat room, send in questions to be answered live, and take business cards for follow-ups.

The Amplify Summit will further expand your knowledge, with more masterclasses and panels. Topics cover everything from “Future proofing your affiliate business” to “incrementality and tracking”. Join the waiting list now to get details of who is speaking and more topics to come.

  1. Partnerships and performance in your affiliate program

The first two panels of the ELEVATE Summit taught many lessons in tracking the performance of your marketing campaign through your partnerships. In the first panel, you were taught new innovative ways to gather and understand data, followed by a panel on better understanding partnership and customer relationships. There was a particular focus on the upcoming, or already here, recession, and how your campaign might be affected. You can find more insights on the impact the recession might have on the AMPLIFY Summit panel, Future Proofing Your Affiliate Business.

  1. Managing brand performance

Covering geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behavioural factors, our panel “Managing Brand and Performance In Your Affiliate Program and Strategy” shows you why you need all these elements to “work harder for you” and how you can get them to work harder with the right mix of partnerships that drive sales in all of these areas.

  1. The Affiliate Flywheel

Our first masterclass was a lesson in nurturing affiliate relationships. We’ve gone over how important maintaining a healthy relationship with your affiliates is, and the work that goes into it, but this time we were showing off a new method: the Affiliate Flywheel.

Presented by our founder, Lee-Ann Johnstone and our agency director, Leanna Klyne, the Affiliate Flywheel is the key to sourcing and onboarding affiliates. Allow yourself to stand out and make an impact with your onboarding experience, plus additional tips and tricks to help you on that route.

  1. AI in affiliate marketing

No conversation around modern-day digital spaces is complete without a mention of AI and mention it we did. All the noise about the ethics of using AI is better left to the philosophers and the Philip K. Dicks of the world. We’re more interested in AI’s practical uses. What can be implemented now to make affiliate marketing more efficient?

  1. Deep diving into common challenges

That little issue that’s been bothering you since you got into this industry. You know the one. That gets solved in this panel. With inputs from peers of IntegriShield, Anura.io, Thepma.org, and Davis+Gilbert LLP, this panel looks at GDPR and the further regulations that are coming as well as affiliate marketing fraud – and how to combat it. We cover fraud in one of our AMPLIFY Summit panels too: How to Stay Ahead of Compliance and Win Out Against Fraud.

  1. The importance of inclusivity in your affiliate program

Inclusivity is vital in modern society, and that is no different in the affiliate marketing world. With a diverse panel that featured Simone Charles of CJ.com, Matthew Addai of Cashblack, and Michael Long of Expedia, we  discussed how you can empower and include diverse backgrounds in your affiliate marketing and your affiliate team.

  1. How to effectively run your subscription

Whether you’re running a retail subscription service or a B2B, there is a lot to keeping your subscription-based affiliate program maintained. Our panel on subscriptions covered everything from planning for scale to recurring commissions and, most importantly, why affiliates tend to prefer subscription models.

  1. A crash course in the latest UX trends

The last masterclass of the ELEVATE Summit was “Understanding New Trends in UX Design for Better Customer and Affiliate Conversion”. Led by Duncan Thomas, we came out of it with our heads buzzing for new ideas for improving user experience in order to improve ROI. We’ll be covering more trends at the AMPLIFY Summit panel “Future Forward – Trends you cannot miss out on in 2024”.


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Look out for details of our AMPLIFY Virtual Summit coming up on 23-24 January 2024. Join 1000’s of practitioners from around the globe as we bring you the latest digital marketing and affiliate insights, trends and tips to help you AMPLIFY your performance and it’s all available to stream directly to your desk, no matter where you are!

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