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YouTubers and TikTokers you simply cannot ignore

Sometimes the best way to explain what’s working in marketing is with a demonstration. That’s why we’re going over some of the YouTubers and TikTokers you should definitely take inspiration from.

Not all of these creators will be your cup of tea, but there are lessons to be learned from all of them. Read on to see what you can get from these top creators.

  1. James Somerton

James Somerton is a film analysis YouTuber, which is obvious in his very long, very detailed, very high production videos on LGBT media. Like you would expect from a gay man talking about LGBT media and society, he is doing the most.

James Somerton’s insights are fascinating and sensitive. Even elements that don’t apply to him, like trans representation, are deeply investigated without the usual hand-waving of “I can’t speak for them” that most YouTubers fall back on. “If no one talks, nothing will change” is his approach. Even if you’re not interested in the LGBT side of things, you’ll surely be fascinated to know that Batman was once camp?

He is a case study in having a niche and putting your all into it, and proof that the target demographic isn’t the only target. YouTube analytics don’t cover sexuality, but we’re willing to bet a good chunk of them a cis, straight, and entirely captivated.

  1. Emma Chamberlain

On the other end of the spectrum, Emma Chamberlain has made a reputation for herself as The Chill YouTuber. She started making videos for the fun of it, she gave most of it up at her peak and her philosophy today is to only create when she has the inspiration to.

The word synonymous with her name is “relatable”, and Emma has went with it. She released coffee as merchandise because she says she can’t function without it. She is pointed at as the pioneer of the scrunchie, cycle shorts and oversized t-shirt look because it was what she wore in her vlogs. Her videos are purposefully low resolution, today filmed on a camcorder, simply following her about her day. If that’s clearing out her wardrobe or hitting the red carpet, so be it.

Emma is a lesson in personality and authenticity. All of the people on this list got at least halfway to where they are due to personality, but some have to depend on it more than others, like Emma. But her personality is also considered very authentic, something users were crying out for in the age of Instagram.

  1. thepoolguy

“Holler yehr boy for the pool work!”

You’d think a British pool cleaner would have three days’ worth of work before he packed it in. A creator that tripped and fell into scratching every watcher’s brain itch, thepoolguy is someone who was picked up by the TikTok algorithm and has ridden that wave to the top.

He’s cleaning pools. For thirty seconds. That’s it. But the concept has taken off on TikTok, where cleaning videos are a new form of entertainment. He isn’t the only one. There are power washers, bathroom scrubbers, and hotel maids, all making sparkling content around cleaning.

There is just something so soothing about it. “Clean home, clean mind” taken to the phone. As such, thepoolguy, being a brand rather than one person, is riding this trend to more and more clients, even celebrity ones like Stacey Solomon.

  1. Sammijefcoate

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “It’s [insert day of the week here], let’s get dressed”, then you’ve come across Sammi. Sammi is a beauty influencer with a difference. The Londoner model is tatted up, charmingly paired with quite a sweet disposition. Her outfits are equally paired sweet and sinister, creating alternative looks that could be described as Marmite: you either love them or hate them. But even if you’re not making a mental note to buy yourself today’s neon green puffer jacket, you’ll be back to see what she’s doing tomorrow.

Sammi has cleverly incorporated a little bit of audience interaction with her very consistent content, which follows the same outline of telling everyone what she intends to wear and then wearing it. The fun comes when she gets to the purse and the audience is silently shouting what one she should go with. It’s as simple as that and entirely captivating.

  1. NerdCity

NerdCity is who you want to watch if you want to be an influencer. The blogs might tell you how to get the perfect shot, that you need to travel for a good backdrop, etc. but NerdCity gets to the facts. His YouTube videos might have started with commentary exposes, but they’ve evolved into exposing YouTube itself, namely the algorithm, the best and worst merchandise and how to go viral on Instagram …with yoga pants. In between his tongue-in-cheek approaches to influencer culture, you’ve got a lot of good advice that creators can put to good use. Plus, he’s funny.

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