Affiliate Spotlight: BigBets' William Edwards

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This week we chat to BigBets’ William Edwards about the development of his brand and the wide-ranging offers it gives to punters.  
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing BigBets as a site and explaining what it brings to the affiliate space?
William Edwards: The BigBets brand is the result of the domain I purchased a couple of years ago while still in education and doing some online affiliate marketing on the side. At this stage I knew very little about how competitive the industry was and it has definitely been a lot of trial and error to get things up to where they are today, even though right now is really just the start I wasn’t able to make due to my lack of knowledge back then.
AI: There are a number of sports betting affiliate sites out there. What makes BigBets stand out from the rest?
WE: Many sites tend to stick to the basics with a switched up review written by a blogger or ‘ex gambler’. With BigBets I’ve aimed to specifically categorise it as more of an offer and informative website rather than just another basic review website, though there is a system where the users can post their own ratings for a betting site.
AI: Can you talk us through some of the free bet offers you have on the site at the moment?
WE: There are plenty of sports free bets on BigBets, at the moment I have around 100 which consist of UK as well as newly added EU offers for players across Europe to start enjoying. All listed free bets and betting sites are licensed in accordance to their relevant legislation either by the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority to ensure a trustworthy service and easy experience for the user.
AI: As we move further into 2019, what are your hopes and aspirations for the next twelve months and beyond for BigBets?
WE: My hopes for 2019 are to keep growing the BigBets at the rate it has grown just over the past 3 months, to then gain and maintain some top keyword positions as well as build up my portfolio and positions of other affiliate sites. I’m 100% confident that 2019 will be the year where things step up to the table and BigBets will become a big competitor in the sports betting sector with plenty of online organic and paid exposure as well as club and event sponsorships.
As a whole I’m aiming to keep expanding the number of brands featured on BigBets and keep up with all the new betting sites, casinos, bingo and poker free bets. I’m always looking for new partnerships with licensed UK betting sites that have attractive welcome offers.

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