UKGC is seeking responses from licensees

The UKGC has recently launched a new consultation that aims to help them identify any changes to its approach. This consultation will run until 12 February and it will work to ensure the research carried out is relevant and accurate. They are seeking responses from licensees, consumer interest groups, charities and anyone with an interest in gambling regulation.

A new approach

The UKGC has an obligation to regulate gambling in the UK and they regularly update their regulations based on their findings. In the proposal set out, they aim to replace the online surveys and telephone calls with a single methodology.

A UKGC representative said: “We believe that a new approach will enable us to set the standard for authoritative research into gambling.” They hope that their new criteria will allow them to create a ‘gold standard’ approach.

Any operators, affiliates or organisations in the UK who have an interest in gambling research or regulation can engage in the consultation to help make sure any new methodology suits everyone.

Another review for the UKGC

Recently, the UK government has been reviewing the gambling laws and the role of the UK Gambling Commission. They recently launched a review of the 2005 Gambling Act that looked at stake limits and the minimum age requirements for the National Lottery.

With more reviews likely on their way, affiliates and operators need to stay up to date with any changes in regulations. Anyone seeking to improve the way that data is collected, and changes are made should engage in the most recent consultation. It will run until 12 February.


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