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Twitter launches audio chats within Communities

Twitter is expanding its Community features with a new audio chats feature. If you’ve just had to reply to that text, but got your hands full, or it’s simply too much to put in a text, you’ll recognise audio chats. Send an audio recording of what you want to say rather than a text and diversify how you chat with your friends.

So is Twitter’s latest feature, anyway. Twitter is introducing audio chats to its Community Space feature.

As explained by Twitter, “With this experiment, a group of admins and moderators in the US will receive access to create live Spaces within their Twitter Communities. Audio in Communities adds an extra layer of personality and connectivity beyond 280 characters; by initiating live audio conversations specific to a Community and topic, Community admins will be able to better lead their Communities, engage their members, and participate in quality conversations with others who share the same interests.”

Not a million miles away from Reddit’s Reddit Talks audio chat option, or Facebook’s Community Audio Channels, although it’s worth mentioning that Facebook has dropped its pursuit of audio community options in favour of bankrolling the Metaverse.

The main benefit of audio chats is its enhanced discovery, allowing affiliate partners and brands to be better seen within their chosen Community Spaces with a new way to communicate.

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