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Twitter tests Communities Spotlight feature for brands

Twitter is currently trialing a new feature for professional profiles, giving them the ability to showcase their Communities.

Twitter Communities are user-created social groups where like-minded people can come together and enjoy a private discussion about their favorite topic or industry. Rather than Tweets being shared publicly with the rest of Twitter, discussions within a Community will only be visible to other members of that Community.

The feature has proved popular with brands on the platform, giving them the opportunity to create a dedicated space where fans and consumer can discuss their products.

Now, Twitter is testing the option for professional profiles to be able to showcase their Community, spotlighting it on their profile to increase interest and traffic.

Professional profiles on Twitter offer businesses a number of further options, including categories, locations, and more detailed contact information.

Additionally, Twitter is said to be working on a link function, where brands can display a call-to-action on their profile which will link directly to their services. Some of the call-to-actions available include ‘Book an appointment’, ‘Make a reservation’, ‘View menu’, and ‘Watch now’.

Earlier this month, Twitter added options for sharing Tweets to WhatsApp and LinkedIn, in an attempt to increase the reach of Tweets on the platform.

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