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Is Twitter still worth using for iGaming affiliates?

Twitter is a popular marketing channel for iGaming affiliates. For a start, it’s a cost-effective way to reach a big audience in little time. It also allows for interaction with fans as if it was a real-life conversation, thus helping to build rapport.

However, user numbers on this platform have fluctuated in recent years. Some marketers also suggest that you should instead focus on other social media platforms in 2020. So, should you still be using Twitter? If so, why? We’ll answer both of these questions today. 

What’s the current state of Twitter? 

In Q1 2019, Twitter announced that its number of monthly users grew from 321 million to 330 million. However, that figure had been as high as 336 million in 2018. 

After the early 2019 report, the website stopped publishing monthly figures. Instead, they chose to look at daily users. A year-on-year comparison shows that Twitter had 134m in this respect; that number was 126m 12 months prior. This makes for better reading, but is still way lower than Facebook (1.5 billion active daily users). 

What does the typical iGaming Twitter user look like? 

Generally speaking, Twitter users in this industry are fans of sports, poker and so on. They tend to tweet about these interests and attract like-minded followers. There are often debates within this section of the website, too, especially during big events.

How can this platform still be useful for iGaming affiliates? 

Twitter remains a useful brand-building tool, and is excellent for interacting with players. Some affiliates are having great success on here. PocketGamer and GetYourTipsOut, for example, are two in the UK with high follower counts. They achieved this not by just interacting with followers, but also tweeting like they’re fans themselves. 

How can affiliates use this channel with success? 

It’s possible to get thousands of retweets, but only a handful of website visitors. So, to attract more inbound traffic, content needs to be posted with a strong call-to-action. Look at this example from GetYourTipsOut. The offer is tailored to those who’ll see it and it’s clear to see what players get by clicking on the link. This demonstrates a strong understanding of the target audience, which is why they’ve utilised this platform with success. 

The important thing to remember that Twitter works like a mini live blog. It’s more current than Facebook, so posts tend to expire quicker than Twitter and LinkedIn. Tweets should therefore be spread out – the suggestion in this blog post is between three and 30 per day. Check your analytics to see when followers are online the most and optimise your posting times accordingly. It’s possible that you’ll tweet more during live events, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. 


When you look at the big picture, Twitter still provides value for iGaming affiliates. It remains good for brand building and free organic broadcasting, but needs to be used strategically. It’s true that you can build an audience on here, fast and with few costs. However, it requires regular and high-quality posting to work as part of your broader marketing mix. But with a proper strategy in place, affiliates can see great success when it comes to getting their name out there and attracting their desired audience.

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