Out of every digital marketing method in existence today, email remains one of the most accessible and effective. Because it’s not expensive, any iGaming affiliate – with or without a large budget – can build a list and start sending. And it’s not just good for engaging your audience – you’ll also be capable of reaching them on more devices.  

So, what can you do to become a better user of this channel? Let’s take a deeper look. 

How is email marketing beneficial? 

Email marketing involves fewer resources than other digital approaches. So, it’s not surprising that eight in 10 small businesses still rely on this method for customer acquisition and retention (source: Oberlo). Emailing your customers is also more direct than using social media, because you’re landing right in their faces. 

Another benefit is that you can reach people on their mobile or tablet device. Unlike other channels, they’ll also receive a notification as soon as you have (unless their notifications are switched off). This means that you can make better use of timed offers, ahead of – for example – sporting events or live tournaments. By driving your messaging across multiple devices like this, you’ll encourage receivers to join the conversation. The end result for you? Higher levels of engagement. 

Solutions to email marketing problems 

Personalisation is vital for the effective use of email, especially when the average open rate isn’t much more than one fifth. This statistic shouldn’t be too shocking to most of us. How many times have you ignored or deleted a message because it’s obvious that 100 other people have received the exact same thing? 

You should view the above as a positive. Since customers receive so many bad emails, the better ones will stand out easier. In fact, even personalising your subject line could increase the chances of your email being opened by half. Don’t be afraid to get creative, either – you could triple your click rates by using video. 

You can also tailor what others see by building sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tools into your affiliate website. This will help to track each customer’s journey on your site, enabling for further personalisation. And don’t forget to make it easy for visitors to sign up for your newsletters. These will all enable you to re-market better, which will help players find offers and brands better-suited to their desires. It could also lead to players who didn’t originally convert doing so later, which for you means more lucrative commissions. 

You should also think about (and avoid) the risk of spamming your email list. Once a week is enough, according to 49% of consumers in a Statista study. 

But it isn’t just about not emailing too often. Making everything about you, rather than whoever your email is marketed to, will also be perceived as annoying. In line with the point about re-marketing, think about what players want to see. Your emails should include exclusive promotions and offers that’ll appeal to them. Their enjoyment will reinforce your brand and customer service traits, improving your rapport with visitors in the process.