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Publisher Perspectives: Hyper Personalisation and Local Market Expansions

This week on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Brian McGuigan, Head of Media (Netherlands) at Klarna, joins Lee-Ann. They discuss the Affiliate Proposition of Klarna and how it leverages data to provide a tailored shopping experience for consumers. Brian shares insights on consumer behaviour and payment methods in different countries, as well as the challenges and opportunities of expanding into new regions. Brian also discusses the future of performance marketing and the importance of hyper-personalisation. He provides tips for brands to engage with Klarna and maximise their affiliate campaigns…

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What’s Your Budget?

Lee-Ann asks Brian, “What are some of the other key things that you’re seeing in terms of campaigns that work and don’t work, and the understandings and the learnings that merchants get from working with you?”

Brian replies, “I think when it comes to our strategy for EMEA, I mean, I’m a firm believer of always spray and pray, just test and learn, diversify and just put as much out there responsibly as you can and see what you can do.”

Lee-Ann raises the issue of budgets, “But can we do that now? Because I’m starting to think that’s spray and pray tactics. If you’ve got the budget to do it, fantastic. But if you don’t have the budget to do it, you need to be very efficient with your spending right now – because everybody’s budgets are getting cut. So, let’s take an e-commerce client, somebody that’s selling furniture or retail or health and beauty. Let’s talk to that audience right now and give them an understanding of why they should be working with Klarna and why they should actually be running their affiliate campaigns with Klarna, especially in Europe.”

Brian says, “I think zooming out, everyone’s got different KPIs, they’ve got different challenges, but I think inversely so, I haven’t seen budget cuts as much as I would expect. I’ve actually seen inversely so, I think due to the economic climate, I think people are getting savvy with their marketing, and I think affiliates have really spurred on and shone in the spotlight.”

The Impact of Hyper-Personalisation

Lee-Ann goes on to ask, “Let’s talk about hyper-personalisation, because I know that’s close to your heart. You want things to be done properly, you want users to have the best experiences. So, how does Klarna leverage data to provide a more tailored shopping experience for their consumers and what impact does this have on the conversion rates to your own customer loyalty?”

Brian replies, “Yeah, I get genuinely excited about this. I think we live in a world where I guess we want to be showing the right things at the right time, right? I think it’s always being cloned as gold to show the right content at the right time to the right user. I think that’s probably every advertiser’s dream.”

Looking to the Future

Lee-Ann says, “What do you think is going to be happening in the Affiliate Marketing space as we move forward into what I think is going to be the next kind of revolution of how performance marketing works?”

Brian comments, “It’s essentially how long is a piece of string, right? I think we’ve made leaps and bounds. I think there’s a lot of challenges. I’m not going to dive into it because we’ll need a new podcast, but obviously there’s all the tracking implications with all the changes, GDPR, so on and so forth. But we’ve known these challenges and we curve and get past them every single time they come about. So I’m not worried about that.

“But just remember affiliate marketing is a people’s game, right? People buy from people. It’s a long-term relationship. Go out there, go forth and conquer and just start forging these long-lasting relationships because they are invaluable and they are going to be what helps you succeed. I think don’t be afraid to try and test and make sure that you diversify. But at the same time, don’t go running with scissors. Do your homework.”


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  • Expanding into New Regions – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Consumer Behaviour and Payment Methods in Different Countries
  • The Future of Performance Marketing


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[07:45] Product Verticals and Opportunities for Brands.

[13:51] Tips for Affiliate Managers on Engaging with Klarna and Maximising Campaigns.

[24:05] Challenges and Opportunities that Affiliate Managers Can Learn From, Too.

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