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Twitter 2.0 latest update fails to impress

Even Elon Musk takes a break for the holidays, so the chaos of Twitter 2.0 and social media, in general, has somewhat dimmed down. But the billionaire Twitter owner has still managed to spit out an “update” over Christmas.

Twitter has announced it will re-launch “swipeable” Twitter feed alternatives. This comes amongst growing frustration with using the platform and its hit or miss tweet recommendations. But the new announcement isn’t likely to come without criticism.

As reported by SocialMediaToday: “Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter 2.0’ really should really be titled ‘Twitter 1.5’, because none of his touted ‘new’ additions thus far are actually new at all, they’re all just variations of past Twitter experiments.”

It turns out that Musk’s announcement of a new feature is actually a reversion back to a feature announced by a pre-takeover Twitter in March.

In his tweet, Musk says “New Twitter navigation coming in Jan that allows swiping to side to switch between recommended and followed tweets, trends, topics, etc. Until then, tap stars icon on upper right of home screen to switch.”

And as the original Tweet in March says: “The Home and Latest timelines are now just a swipe away for everyone on iOS and soon on Android and web. Tap the [star] icon to pin (or unpin) the Latest timeline to your Home tab for easy access.”

Very familiar, Musk. Very familiar.

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