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Musk to step down as head of Twitter…?

Well, the votes are in. Elon Musk will step down as head of Twitter, apparently.

After the CEO and owner of the platform released a tweet into the world that asked users to vote, it was decided that Elon Musk would “Step down as head of Twitter”.

With 57.5% of the vote against him and the tweet itself promising that “I will abide by the results of this poll”, it seems he’s out. Even with his unfair advantage of posting a poll on his own fan page.

But who will take over for him? A few famous faces have been offering their services, including computer scientist and podcast host Lex Fridman.

“Let me run Twitter for a bit,” he tweeted to Musk on Sunday night. “No salary. All in. Focus on great engineering and increasing the amount of love in the world. Just offering my help in the unlikely case it’s useful.”

However, some are cynical that Musk will stick to his word in that regard.

“Even if he steps down as CEO, Musk will still be pulling the strings at Twitter, that much is for sure,” Jukka Väänänen, CEO of the PR platform Newspage said. And yes, it’s hard to imagine Musk handing over control of an entity he bankrupted his other businesses to buy because people trolled his Twitter poll.

“Whether you believe Musk is genuinely aspiring to create a digital town square or is turning Twitter into a 1970s banana republic, the truth is it’s Musk’s gig and he’s going nowhere,” Väänänen added.

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