Top tips for a World Cup winning Twitter profile

If you’re a sports betting affiliate that wants to get a slice of the World Cup action, then you’re one of many. It’s important to understand how you are going to be different and stand out from the crowd, that’s why we are here, to detail some Twitter secrets that will help you get your affiliate twitter account Wold Cup Ready.

Examine your profile

What does your profile look like to an outsider? Are you projecting a professional brand that is safe to engage with? If you’re graphics look pixilated and poorly cropped, then the chances are you don’t look reputable to a new user.

You should have a handle that’s simple and transposed across as many social profiles as possible. If you qualify for a blue tick verification, then get the approval process kicked off now.

Your profile picture should most likely be your logo, with the header giving a wider impression of what you’re all about. Dynamic sports pictures are in use by some of the top Twitter accounts out there.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:







Bet365 have the blue tick, a simplistic cover image and a logo that’s consistent across all of their platforms. When you look at this, you think quality and professionalism, it’s simple and there is a strong sports connotation – proving that you don’t need a fancy graphic to project a professional profile.







Coral take a similar approach, using that dynamic image to draw your eye to their feed. These are the building blocks for presenting your profile, get these basics right before you even begin to think about anything else.

Build up your engagement snowball

You’ll probably notice that once you get a few retweets or engagements, things tend to snowball. When this happens, you need to capture and replicate that success! Take note of the time you tweeted, subject matter, hashtags and mentions.

Don’t use these same ones every single time you tweet, but do keep track of the ones that work best. Twitter can be trial and error sometimes and that’s OK. One night, you might want to live tweet the match and another you may want to build up more hype before it, experiment and improve each time.

For the World Cup, you can use the hashtag of the competing teams, but you have to think about how you will stand out from the millions of other tweets using this hashtag too. A good creative or offer can get you actual engagement from piggybacking on this reach.

Although the World Cup isn’t on our screens quite yet, you can also get involved with engaging evergreen posts to prime your audience. FIFA’s official account is already giving you plenty of tweets to get involved with:













Prepare engaging images

Tweets with images are much more likely to get engagement than those without, according to Buffer. If you don’t have an engaging photo to put with your post, then make one! Apps like Canva and Legend and Wordswag will allow you to make a GIF or picture or animation in seconds that will enhance your tweet. With so many tweets being put out during this time, plain text just won’t cut it.

Create polls and join in the conversation

Polls are a great way to rack up some impressive engagement on Twitter and during the World Cup, there’s always a fan that wants to get their view across. Referee decisions are some of the easiest polls to run, as everyone wants to comment on whether a call was right or not.

After you’ve ran your poll, retweet it and start a full conversation on the results. Don’t just let it sit on your Twitter feed without any love.

If you need any reassurance that engagement is better than promotion, take a look at these two tweets from Paddy Power. They’re both going out to the same audience but players are actually motivated to interact with one and not the other, we’ll let you figure out which one is which.







Interact with your contributors 

If you work with tipsters and writers that have an online presence, then share your followers. Tag, retweet and quote them, ask that they do the same too. Most freelance sports reporters and writers have some form of social media that they can share your articles with. Create viral competitions that people want to share using tools such as Vyperr

You can use these as influencers to start a community, sharing tips and banter – which football fans love. This kind of interaction expands your organic reach massively, without the costs associated with ads.

Target new users

Using apps like Crowdfire, you can target people with an interest in football and sports betting. Copy followers from your competitors and reach out to these new people. So many profiles out there have a football club in their handle or bio and these are easier to find than you might think.

The first thing you do when someone new follows your personal account is to snoop on their profile. With a well-executed profile, these users will get to know you through your tweets and then be funnelled through to your site. Again, this is valuable organic traffic that you can go out and bring into your site.

The time to prepare for the World Cup is now – get ahead of the game and plan your content strategy so that you are well prepared before volume of tweeting begins. Establish your presence and get building the valuable followers that are going to bring you in business through that busy season. Then, maximise your reach with content that actually engages fans, it’s as simple as that.

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