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“TikTok World” marketing hub event launched

TikTok’s annual marketing event, TikTok World was held on May 9th, with peers around the world offering insights into marketing on the platform. This is the third inaugural TikTok World event, featuring insights from creator tools and options, eCommerce elements, improving ad tools, etc.

The TikTok for Business website says of the event: “At TikTok, we’re committed to delivering solutions that further the connection between you and your audiences. This year, we’re sharpening our product strategy to focus on trust, efficiency, simplicity, and TikTok-first formats.”

Guides include “Creative resources to guide your content”, “Create and edit videos easily with Capcut”, and “Dive into the best practices with Creative Codes”.

There is also access to TikTok Academy offered on the event website, with TikTok saying, “Kickstart your TikTok Journey with TikTok Academy, an always-on, curated learning experience. Designed with brands and agencies in mind, this curriculum teaches you how to best utilize TikTok for Business so that we continue to inspire joy and creativity around the world.”

There are actually a few good pointers on the TikTok for Business website, including the three fundamentals according to TikTok: Fuel, Build and Automate.

Even if you missed the event, you can access the event via the TikTok World Hub mini-site, which features all the announcements and recordings of featured events.

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