TikTok releases tips on driving conversation in advertisements

TikTok has released a set of new tips for driving conversation in TikTok ads. They come after a report on the most viral TikToks on the site in the past two years and what drives engagement.

The move is the latest by the short-form video content platform to encourage marketing on its site, since releasing festive-specific industry tips and reports on what will go viral based on the first three seconds of the video.

What’s the info?

TikTok has outlined four major elements and their impact on driving conversation on each video.

First of all, TikTok recommends shooting your videos in at least 720p. According to the report, shooting your videos in high resolution will “send a signal about your brand’s attention to detail”. When compared to lower quality videos there has been a rise in 312% in conversation.

The second tip, just as simply, is to use the full screen. Don’t simply use 16:9 formatted content made for other platforms and turn your screen vertical to get the full effect. This will result in a 91% lift in conversation.

TikTok also recommends including a call to action. The platform saw 152% lift in conversation in ads that will prompt action either in the dialogue or the captions.

Although TikTok is offering 3-minute-long videos, using all that time might work against you. There was a 280% rise in conversation in videos that kept between 21 and 34 seconds.

Is there more?

Yes, there were also industry-specific tips for those in eCommerce or gaming.

eCommerce businesses should offer a clear call to action with captioning or on-screen text, combine human voiceover and written offers to illustrate the product, and capture a variety of scenes.

Meanwhile, gaming industries should make use of five or more scenes for a lift of 171% in conversation and utilize onscreen text in the first 7 seconds for a 43% boost in conversation.

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