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TikTok and Pinterest launch Christmas marketing campaign guides

Social media platforms are all gearing up for a fruitful Christmas holiday period. It is plain to see with both short form video content platform TikTok and photo-based platform Pinterest offering marketing campaign guides centred around the holidays to their users.

Bold infographics and advice can be found on each of their platforms’ guides, outlining how you can take full advantage of the features and audience of their platforms.

What are they saying?

Both marketing campaign guides outline the benefits of using their platform as an advertising resource, with TikTok citing that 47% of their users have bought something they saw on TikTok and Pinterest pointing out that they are known for being the platform where users collect gift ideas.

Trends, the bread and butter of TikTok, is of course the bread and butter of its marketing campaigns. They recommend your brands tap into any relevant trend going on in the app to maximise the number of eyes watching.

Pinterest, for their part, has identified six shopping personas, made up of The Early Bird, The Traditionalist, The Self-Gifter, The Amateur Host, The Delivery-First Shopper, and The Next-Level Party Planner. These personas are made up to help brands understand who they are targeting and to curate content around.

The timeline

Both platforms offer a timeline to optimise results. The difference in the two platforms is clear here. Pinterest advises launching your campaign in September, while TikTok looks closer to early November. Pinterest is at its core an app for planning, where TikTok changes by the minutes.

From there, it is a matter of creating a campaign with creative content, sorting your budget, and pushing your business, hitting a number of outlined milestones outlined in both guides.

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