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TikTok Insights releases 70,000 new data insights for marketers

The TikTok Insights tool has been newly kitted out with an additional 70,000 new insights to aid marketers on the platform.

Since its launch in May of last year, TikTok Insights has offered marketers and brands the ability to access invaluable information about who your content is targeting and reaching.

TikTok says: “Here, you’ll find snackable insights on everything from how our community behaves and connects with brands, to how ads on our platform are driving real business impact – discover it all and more here.”

According to Social Media Today: “The stats can be fairly broad, but there are some valuable notes and pointers in here, which could help to fuel your strategic understanding, and get your TikTok promotions on the right path, relative to your specific audience.

“Or it might just show you a new angle, an element you hadn’t considered – either way, it’s a handy tool to keep in mind for your TikTok strategy, and with TikTok continuing to pour more insights into the back-end, there’s a lot to go through at any given time.”

For even more insights, try the TikTok Creative Centre, which shows insights like trending songs, hashtags, regional performance stats and key influencers. Recently, the new addition of Video Insights has allowed for even more data on performance.

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