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TikTok and Dentsu partner to deliver new tracking solution

TikTok has announced details of a new partnership with advertising and PR firm Dentsu Digital, through which it will launch a new campaign tracking solution for marketers on the platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, TikTok will have access to Dentsu’s Digital X technology, which will be integrated with the TikTok Events API.

Advertisers and marketers on TikTok will be able to track user data through the Digital X-Stack, allowing for detailed monitoring and analysis of campaign performance.

Consumer profiles can be drawn up, based on information including website visits, form entries, and logins.

Crucially, Dentsu’s X-Stack is cookie independent, it uses consent-based server access logs to collate consumer information. This is particularly important given the recent industry-wide shift away from cookies.

Policy changes at Google look set to phase out the use of third-party cookies by 2024, so digital businesses must take steps to realign their data collection procedures and processes.

With conventional tracking systems expected to become obsolete, marketers will need to find new ways of collecting data and analysing campaign performance.

TikTok’s partnership with Dentsu is likely the first of many new agreements, as social media companies are pushed to overhaul their tracking systems to align with new policies and regulations.

Speaking about the partnership, Dentsu Digital Manager Chiharu Koyama said: “For advertisers, this will improve ad measurement, which has been affected by cookie restrictions, and improve ad delivery performance. This will allow them to deliver more optimised ads to TikTok users.”

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