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Best Affiliate Link Tracking Software to Watch Out For

One tool that is highly valuable to affiliate marketers is data tracking. Affiliate managers need to monitor the performance and payment of affiliate partners. They also need to monitor the behaviour and marketing trends of users to keep their marketing strategy in optimal shape. To make sure your data tracking is accurate, you’re going to need the most accurate affiliate link tracking software. Take a look at our picks for the best affiliate link-tracking software.


Moonpull is the ideal platform for auditing affiliate tracking and to verify that a ‘memory cookie’ is set for first-party tracking to work.  The platform audits the full affiliate handover from publisher to advertiser, including: cookies, scripts, local storage and any cookie consent technologies. It also provides the clarity and verification for tracking, to enable fully informed decisions on your affiliate partnerships.

Steven Brown, Moonpull’s Chief Executive, comments: “We’re delighted Moonpull is helping our users – whether networks, publishers or agencies – understand and improve the performance of affiliate links. Advertisers are having improved relationships with publishers and therefore having more opportunities to grow their programs.

Comments from users such as: “The Moonpull uplift calculator told us we were potentially losing up to 43% in revenue”, illustrate the benefits publishers are seeing from using the platform.” is a platform that was designed to map out, in detail, every step of the customer journey. Why are users clicking your link? Where are they going after? What was their journey to get there?’s partnership management platform is perfect for affiliates, ambassadors, sponsorships, and social influencers. It aims to create a one-stop platform that will aid affiliate managers and marketers reach their KPIs.

Not only does it follow the customer’s journey, but it aids in the affiliate’s journey. From recruiting partners, through to establishing contracts and managing pay, all the way to optimising your data.


PartnerStack is a brand that understands that affiliate marketing takes a lot of spinning plates. From its handy affiliate marketing platform, you can automate the tedious stuff and focus on what really needs your attention.

With over 65,000 B2B SaaS partners available on the platform, it offers a wide variety of opportunities to strengthen your affiliate program and run them all from one place. Additionally, it can offer custom links that will automatically track every click so that you know who is really bringing in the money.


Everflow stands out as an affiliate marketing and tracking software that is based on the Google Cloud Platform. It has various modes to allow you to monitor your marketing campaign from different angles, in turn giving you a clearer and more well-rounded view of the campaign. This is achieved by tracking ad impressions, the number of clicks, and offline-to-online partners.

Top Cashback

Top Cashback is a great platform to keep every affiliate link. From the user’s perspective, it’s a place to get great deals on everyday spending, but with the Top Cashback affiliate tracking platform, you have access to over 5,000 brands to work with.



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