Things we learned at Impact’s IPX2024 – A day out in London

The bustling city of London played host to the highly anticipated iPX Partner Experience Day on July 3, 2024. Our  team went along to understand what’s new and trending in the world of Partnership Marketing.

Here are their key take aways networking with the industries finest at this event.

The event, held at the spectacular Landing Forty Two, was a structured meet up made up of open networking, insightful partnership sessions, and exciting product reveals. Here is a recap for those who couldn’t attend, highlighting the day’s key activities and product updates that Max Ciccotosto, chief product officer  provided on stage as part of their annual partner update.

The day kicked off with a thought provoking keynote that was delivered by best-selling author and former YouTube and Twitter executive, Bruce Daisley. His view on building culture at your organisation and the gaps of innovation that exist between the times you take out to be quite contemplative and giving yourself the opportunity to be “bored” and daydream  session on workplace culture and marketing wisdom set an inspiring tone for the day​.

Unveiling Advocate: The power of Customer Referrals at the top of your partnership funnel

One of the most significant announcements was the introduction of Advocate, a new feature built on the back of their recent SaaSquatch acquisition. Advocate empowers brands to leverage their customers as referral partners, positioning them at the forefront of the partnership economy funnel. This tool aims to maximise customer influence and drive referrals in a streamlined manner​. Watch out for our interview with founder William Fraser who will be joining us on this seasons’ Affiliate Marketing Podcast to discover  more!

Over 700 Feature Updates Enhancing Automations for Affiliate Managers

They also showcased a snapshot of some of their biggest platform enhancements over the past year showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement with over 700 feature updates and enhancements. These updates spanned the entire partnership lifecycle, from contracting to payments, significantly boosting automation processes. This ensures a more efficient and seamless experience for users​

Advanced Campaign Management and Reporting Tools

The new campaign management and reporting tool was another highlight, especially for agencies who need to become more efficient with reporting and resourcing. Designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of managing partnerships and showcasing key areas of interest at the touch of a button and coupled with advanced casting workflows to enable teams to collaborate to discuss and discover and approve influencers that can perform at all stages of the brand awareness and conversion funnel flow making informed decisions on where to invest and engage​ UGC content creators to meet company goals.

Copilot leverages AI Insights: Revolutionising Data Analysis

The introduction of CoPilot, an AI-powered insights tool into the already vast range of reports and data insight metrics, promises to be a game-changer for affiliate managers. Struggling with massive Excel sheets is now a thing of the past. CoPilot enables managers to call out specific insights and information they might want to take a closer look at by simply using voice search to ask and receive that data in a neat looking report. Making insight analysis as easy as possible and replicating the kind of reviews that can now be effortlessly created for for C-level presentations​ and reviews.

Navigating Influencer Negotiations

San Sareen, Regional Vice President of Influencers & Creators at, along with content creator Adrian Valia and Júlia Salume from Moburst, demystified the complexities of influencer negotiations. Their session provided valuable insights on selecting the right rates and compensation models, making it easier for brands and creators to forge successful partnerships​  Average industry influencer pricing now being mentioned as a rough estimate of  £10 per 1000 followers for a post price benchmark,  as a starting point for campaign outreach and pitching as well as discussing other campaign upsell opportunities. 


Networking and Learning Amidst a Festive Atmosphere

The day was filled with ample networking opportunities, whether over coffee, ice creams, or at the photo booth. Attendees had the chance to mingle with industry peers, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections. The event concluded with a vibrant after-party at Patch East, rounding off a day of learning and collaboration on a high note​ 

The iPX Partner Experience Day in London was a resounding success, packed with innovative product announcements, insightful sessions, and invaluable networking opportunities. From the unveiling of Advocate to the introduction of CoPilot AI, the event highlighted’s commitment to driving the partnership economy forward.

For those who couldn’t attend this year’s event we hope this offers you a glimpse into the exciting developments and collaborative spirit that defined the day.



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