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The future of affiliate marketing – what can iGaming and retail learn from each other?

Affiliate marketing is one of those markets and industries that is constantly evolving. Affiliates need to be on the ball and hunting down changes and trends as they happen. Being able to adapt and learn can help to propel affiliates to success, no matter what niche they are in. Let’s take a look at how affiliates can navigate the future of affiliate marketing.

Learn about existing changes

When trying to understand some of the factors that could cause a change in the future of affiliate marketing, it is also important that we understand some of the major changes that have changed its direction thus far.

Everything from looking at cross-channel support for various devices to the rise in influencer and social media marketing has all made their impact in the world of affiliate marketing too. Understand the roles that they play within your own marketing niche, and try to look at how they have evolved different aspects of the market.

Nail your strategy

As the future of affiliate marketing continues to shape and change, you need to make sure that you have a good strategy in place. It needs to be concrete enough to give you direction, but flexible enough to bend and change with the markets.

You need to focus on your own strategy so that you are able to have a proper understanding of where your brand currently lies. This, coupled with a knowledge and awareness of what is happening within the industry and wider markets, will help affiliate marketers to navigate some of the difficulties that might arise from transforming industry spaces.

Look elsewhere for inspiration

Looking elsewhere for inspiration can be a fantastic move for those who want to explore more than what their niche currently offers. This might also be the ideal opportunity to step ahead of the curve and prepare for some of the changes in affiliate marketing that could arise.

For example, iGaming and retail affiliate marketing are quite difficult. A lot of iGaming affiliate marketing is handled in-house and using tech and software of a brand’s own development. Conversely, retail is still based in networks. However, there are some crossover points between the two. A smart affiliate can spot these crossovers and will be able to take advantage of them to improve their own campaigns and strategies. Looking to another form of affiliate marketing can lead to some interesting ideas that you could then use to grow your program and connections.

The future of affiliate marketing is always changing – and that is one of the things that makes it so exciting! Take a look a little outside your box to see what you can find in terms of inspiration from other affiliate marketing channels.

Affiverse’s founder, Lee-Ann Johnstone, spoke on this subject in her interview on the Awin Talks podcast. Head over and give it a listen today to find out more about her thoughts on this area and how it is changing.

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