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10 stats that you should know about affiliate marketing in 2021

As affiliate marketers it is important that we keep up with all of the most recent trends and stats. So, here are 10 stats that you should know about affiliate marketing in 2021.

It is continuously growing

Now you already may be aware of this, but affiliate marketing is growing fast and there are no signs of it stopping. Since 2015, the revenue from affiliate marketing programs has grown by 10% each year, and it is set to increase further in the coming years.

A global industry

Not only is affiliate marketing continuously growing, but it is already a huge global industry. In 2018 the industry was worth over $12 billion, a figure which is continuing to grow too, with the European and American markets leading the way.

Brands heavily rely on affiliate programs

Nowadays affiliate marketing is extremly popular among brands all over of the world, with over 81% of brands relying on it. This is due to the success rate that comes with affiliate marketing.

Web hosting is competitive

Some of the best affiliate marketing programs can be found in web hosting, which is known to be an extremely competitive field. This is due to all of the high-quality providers who work in the field.

Suitable for all ages

Recent studies have shown that affiliate marketing is present in all age categories, with the largest segment falling within the 25-54 range. Nowadays, over 81% of affiliate marketers target this age range, as they have the most active income.

Mobile optimization is the way forward

Mobile optimization is extremely important for affiliate marketing in 2021. 51% of mobile users state they are more likely to purchase from a site that is specifically optimized for mobile devices, so making sure your website is mobile optimized is vital.

Ad blockers don’t affect affiliate marketing

Nowadays most devices have ad blockers on them, to prevent those annoying pop-ups from showing up on our screens. Luckily these ad blockers will not affect your affiliate marketing, meaning you can continue to work as usual.

0.5% to 1% conversion rate

Although it is an extremely competitive market, the affiliate conversion rate sits between 0.5% and 1% on average in 2021. Although this rate will depend on your own personal affiliate marketing rate and your engagement.

Fashion rules supreme

A study from 2015 revealed that 18.70% of all affiliate marketers promote fashion products and services, 14.60% promote sports and outdoor activities, while 11.10% promote health and wellness. These percentages have grown greatly over the past few years, but fashion affiliate marketing still reigns supreme.

Over 5 billion clicks and more than 170 million transactions

It is commonly known that a well-presented and clear affiliate link can influence people to click it. Stats from 2017 showed that well-presented links can generate over 5 billion clicks and more than 170 million transactions, meaning that you should always make sure that your links are visible and easy to follow.


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