subscription service launched on TikTok

Subscription Service and Playlists Launched by TikTok

TikTok has introduced a new subscription service in their attempt to up their creator monetisation services.

This is being piloted by a new comedy series by content creator Jericho Mencke, which can be subscribed to for $4.99 for the whole season.

Each video is set to last 30 minutes, moving TikTok towards longer-form content which is easier for the platform to monetise, something it has been struggling with until now.

Creators are reporting earnings of around $600 over six month periods despite generating millions of views.

Looking at similar figures, the YouTube Partner Program would have earned this same creator around $60k.

This lack of monetisation available for TikTok content creators is proving to be a risk for the ongoing growth of TikTok as creators leave the app for other platforms where they can earn more money.

To combat this, TikTok is adding several new options for monetisation such as Live Gifting, their subscription service, eCommerce integrations and branded partnerships to name a few.

The platform has also recently introduced the option to post longer-form content up to a length of 10 minutes which will facilitate in-stream adds and expand options for content.

The aim is for TikTok to encourage users to spend more time with individual creators and videos in-app, which will build opportunities for advertising and affiliate marketing.

Additionally, TikTok has expanded testing trials of its Playlist feature which allows TikTok videos to be categorised into specified groups, encouraging users to stay engaged with their interests.

This could be a great way for brands to build an audience through the app, and boost engagement for creators.


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