STS has secured Polish exclusivity for Betbooster

STS has secured exclusivity in Poland by becoming the only operator of ‘BetBooster’ functionalities. This technology will be promoted as a widget across the STS sportsbook portfolio, allowing players to obtain the most accurate and up to date information on the wagers that they are placing.

Optimising customer engagement

The new technology that STS will be provided to players in Poland comes from BetBooster. This is an automated sports insight feed that uses historical data of the market and uses AI to analyse player behaviours. By using this technology, STS will be able to optimise customer engagement and give players a much better experience on the site.

The BetBooster functionalities have been developed by sports data studio LVision. STS will be the third global operator to launch this technology, but the only operator in Poland. The widget will be available both on mobile and desktop devices across the STS sportsbook portfolio.

Phase one has already begun

Phase one of the integration process of this new data tool has already begun over on the STS platform. Players can see the BetBooster widget for the entire range of football betting, alongside some tennis matches. The tools offer data both for pre-match and live games which is very useful for players.

STS is hoping to be at the forefront of betting and innovation in Poland. They also aim to stay ahead in new markets and plan on using technology like the one provided by BetBooster to do so.

President and Owner of STS, Mateusz Juroszek said: “STS once again strengthens its position not only as a clear industry leader in terms of market shares (46.6% of current market share) but also as the most technologically advanced and innovative bookmaker in the country.”

He added: “It is also another step on the way to further consistent and effective development of our competitive advantages in Poland and on foreign markets.”

With an exclusive deal in Poland, 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for STS. This is one brand to watch.

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