TAB NZ discourages players from offshore gambling

The New Zealand-based sports betting operator TAB NZ has created a new campaign to encourage customers to avoid wagering and playing with operators who are based internationally.

These are short advertisements that feature a number of well-known Kiwi sporting faces such as Stephen Donald, a rugby union player, amongst many others. These videos will be shown on TAB’s racing and broadcast network, TAB Trackside Television.

They have estimated that about NZ$130 million (approx £69.4m) in gross revenue is lost to these offshore operators each year. As a result, New Zealand is then missing out on this potential revenue which could be fed back into both racing and the wider economy.

The executive chair of TAB NZ, Dean McKenzie, said: “commercial success for the TAB means increased profit for New Zealand racing and improved returns for New Zealand sport”.

A campaign such as this is not the first that TAB has run to discourage players from looking abroad to other operators. They are keen to show that they are the experts on racing and other types of sports wagering within the New Zealand markets, and this is a key drive towards this.

If affiliates wish to see what New Zealand has to offer their programs, they should make sure that they align themselves with brands such as this that are based within the country and keep their focus there.

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