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Speakers you won’t want to miss at the AMLeaders event

As we get ready to bring you the very first  AMLeaders, in person training workshops for Affiliate Program Managers, we wanted to introduce you to some of our specially selected workshop hosts and industry veteran speakers – so you have a very clear understanding of who you’ll be learning from at this exclusive event!

This brand new training program is a collaboration between Affiverse and our friends at Hello Partner. Do you have your seat booked? Join us ahead of PILive Europe on October 23 for a busy afternoon of London-based masterclass workshops and interactive learning sessions.

You will gain access to the highest level of expert-led content from veterans in the field of affiliate and performance marketing. The event will consist of four workshops developed to enhance multiple parts of your affiliate marketing tool belt. Lee-Ann Johnstone will be guiding and curating these sessions, drawing on her years of expertise and success in the industry.

What to Expect

The afternoon event offers a series of in-depth practical workshops for Affiliate Program Managers. Each one is designed to equip, educate, and empower affiliate program managers to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of affiliate marketing. AMLeaders is an event that is specifically designed to shape future leaders and spark success within affiliate marketing.

We have a packed line-up, featuring several seasoned industry veterans. Here, four of our unmissable speakers explain a little more in their own words what you’ll be getting at this event:

Quick Q&A

We asked Dean Seddon, Founder of Maverrik to explain how AMLeaders differs from other training events.


Kevin Edwards, Founder of The Affiliate & Partner Marketing Association (APMA), explains why AMLeaders is a must-attend event for any Affiliate Program Manager.


Wade Tonkin, Director of Global Affiliate Marketing at Fanatics, Inc. explains why he is attending AMLeaders this year and why YOU should too!


We asked Ian Sims, Founder at Rightlander, to explain what you will learn in his triage session: ‘Mitigating Fraud & Implementing better Compliance practices – best practices all affiliate managers need to know in order to prevent fraud , and also navigating working with blind affiliate networks too!’

Who is AMLeaders for?

As an Affiliate Program Manager, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. AMLeaders workshops are carefully curated to provide you with the latest strategies, tools, and insights needed to take your affiliate program to new heights. Whether you’re working at an agency, at an advertiser, at a network or even if your’e just starting out or looking to transition into affiliate program management  – you’ll find all you need to know about the event here.

How to join us

Access this essential AMLeaders event by booking your ticket HERE.

Registration is now open but seats are limited! Seize the opportunity to revolutionise your affiliate program and learn with the best. PI LIVE Europe delegates can also save £50 on their AMLeaders booking so go and grab your ticket NOW!


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