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All You Need to Know About the AMLeaders Event

Matthew Wood, Founder of Hello Partner,  joined Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of Affiverse, to shine a light on their NEW in-person training event AMLeaders, this week. Here is a snapshot of the highlights from this interview.

What is AMLeaders?

The afternoon event offers a series of in-depth workshops for Affiliate Program Managers. Each one is designed to equip, educate, and empower affiliate program managers to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of affiliate marketing. AMLeaders is specifically designed to shape future leaders and spark success within affiliate marketing.

For 15 years, PI LIVE has been showcasing the most creative and innovative ideas in performance and partnership marketing at their annual exhibition events. Now, Affiverse is proud to be partnering up to provide expert-led training in a joint venture with Hello Partner.

The event will consist of four workshops developed to enhance multiple parts of your affiliate marketing tool belt. Lee-Ann Johnstone will be guiding and curating these sessions, drawing on her years of expertise and success in the industry.

Why are we launching AMLeaders now?

Matthew explained: “Both our companies have the same vision to bring people together, to connect and aid learning whilst retaining talent within the space.” He mentioned that the industry has an army of hungry account managers and people at the beginning of their careers that need support.

Lee-Ann mentioned: “I can’t think of a better person to partner up with to actually bring AMLeaders to life. Because the next generation of digital marketers are really learning everything on the job, just like we did 20 years ago, and the problem is, is that history does repeat itself.  So, the whole point of the AMLeaders event is to bring people who have been there and done it through multiple different segments of the industry in a room to have one-to-one time and ask questions that are relevant to their own affiliate programs.”

When asked to give a summary of AMLeaders, they answered:

Lee-Ann Johnstone: “It’s practical, tactical workshops. It’s about taking theory and making it realistic for your own program. It’s great that everybody’s saying you need to work with content creators as part of the partnership economy. How do you actually do that?

The AMLeaders event is the show and tell, and that’s why we’re bringing experts in that are willing to actually share their knowledge right down to the kind of nuts and bolts of how they would do it if they were running that programme.”

Matthew Wood: “It’s also a smaller event, so you can ask questions that you might feel nervous about asking to a big audience of 500 people on the stage. There are challenges that brands have. Whether it’s the transparency around sub-networks, for example, or fraud within the industry or programmes. Or where you are getting traffic from and how to understand how much value it’s giving to your brand. I think you can talk about these issues in a smaller group a lot more comfortably than out in the bigger picture.”

When asked to run through some of these workshop sessions and how they can be useful for affiliate program managers, Lee-Ann replied:

Lee-Ann Johnstone: “Nobody wants to sit in a room all day and get spoken at, so it’s going to be very interactive. There are going to be so many teaching session. You’re going to have to take notes and actually think about how you apply the concepts that are being taught into your own programme. The aim of this day is to get you the knowledge that you need or provide you with a plan that you can deliver when you leave. That, I think, is what’s important here”

How can delegates access AMLeaders?

Lee-Ann Johnstone: “They just need to book their ticket, really. So get on the AMLeaders Event Page, book your ticket, and come and join us. It’s as simple as that. We want to see as many new faces in the room as possible and everybody’s welcome. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at.”

While Matthew responded: “It’s the day before PI LIVE Europe, so it’s the perfect timing if you’re coming into the UK from abroad or coming from another city. It’s a good five-hour chunk and we’re also doing some networking drinks and that’s almost equally as valuable.”

How to join this event

Access this essential AMLeaders event designed for Affiliate Managers aiming to elevate their skills, access profound industry insights, and cultivate vital connections that pave the way for success. More workshop details and a lineup of speakers will be unveiled shortly.

Registration is now open. Seating is limited. Seize the opportunity to revolutionise your affiliate program. PI LIVE Europe delegates can save £50 on their booking – grab your ticket here.

Watch the full interview below.

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