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Snapchat renews deals to create content with Disney, Viacom, and NBC

Snapchat is renewing its deals with entertainment conglomerates Disney, Viacom, and NBCUniversal, allowing them to keep creating content specifically designed for the site.

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The ongoing deals have been renewed to create content for Snapchat Discover, where users will be offered exclusive content that they can watch.

Discover has been a hit on the app, with content across the spectrum of entertainment. The platform itself reported that 90% of the US Gen Z population were watching Discover shows in 2020.  Big names like Ryan Reynolds, star in shorter, more consumable content that features on the platform. For example, the Deadpool star’s show “Ryan Doesn’t Know” was watched by over 20 million users.

With renewed contracts with Disney, Viacom, and NBC, Snapchat could have access to some of the biggest names in entertainment, be they headline-grabbing personalities or impressive writers and creators in the industry for more engaging content.

What is Snapchat saying?

In a statement to its site, Snapchat said: “These renewals are a strong validation that Discover continues to be an incredibly important platform for some of the biggest consumer media brands in the world – and these agreements affirm their long-term confidence in Snap and our ability to deliver meaningful outcomes to drive reach, relevance, and revenue.”

What will this mean for marketers?

Snapchat is firmly cementing its place as one of the major social media platforms. All the social media platforms are looking to offer more than simply ways to connect with other users, but Facebook and Instagram’s instinct has been to go with retail, meanwhile, Snapchat is expanding with entertainment.

With more people watching the app for connection and entertainment purposes, marketers will have more chances to appeal to Snapchat users. Ads found in between content and across filters and on Snapchat’s discover page will mean a lot of chances to create and post marketing content across the site.

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