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Snapchat wades into the retail world with augmented reality

It seems even Snapchat is trying to turn their social media experience into a shopping experience. The latest in a range of features being rolled out by the social media company sees users use augmented reality to try on their clothes before they buy.

Augmented reality fitting rooms

Following moves by Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is the latest of the social media platforms to create features in order to turn a browsing experience into an online shopping experience. Where Instagram and Facebook focused on affiliate marketing and turning photography profiles into online stores, Snapchat is fitting you out with a virtual fitting room.

How does it work?

Users can simply scan a “Snap code”, which will then offer a range of items for you to “try on”. Point your camera at yourself and see the latest fashion appear on your body. The achievement is made with “body mapping” which scans your body and assigns the chosen item to your body from an outline.

Snapchat has been developing digital wearables for a while, previously working with Prada and Farfetch on digital try-on projects in May 2021 and in March they acquired FitAnalytics, which is a digital sizing company, to help them develop their body mapping capabilities.

eCommerce on the rise

The recent developments in e-commerce have rapidly grown over the past couple of years as lockdown forced retail companies to improvise, and, it seems, innovate. Although it is expected to plateau from 2022 as physical stores reopen, the developments made cannot be understated and should not be forgotten when embarking in retail.

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