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Slots gross gaming yield low for UK in September

New figures from the UK Gambling Commission have revealed that the slots gross gaming yield has hit its lowest total from March through to September.

In September, it has been revealed that the gross gaming yield for slots fell by 4.1% to £157.4m. This estimate came from data representing approximately 80% of the operators in the current market. In addition to this, the number of bets that have been placed fell though the number of active players has risen by 6.3%.

Though there has been this drop in the world of slots, there has been an increase in other areas of the online gambling world. The return of the Premier League has brought with it a push to online sports betting.

The gross gaming yield of sports betting grew by 15.3% up to £189.7, with an increase in active players of 13.9%.

Though these dips and peaks can be seen across the world of online casinos, the session times of September have remained fairly unchanged. Currently, the average time spent playing is about 21 minutes – the same as recorded in March.

With the slots gross gaming yield potentially indicating a new trend for players in the future, affiliates would do well to source alternatives now. The success of the 2020-21 Premier League has shown that sports betting has its merits, but another viable option would be online bingo.

As the market continues to change, affiliates need to be prepared to offer products in their program that reflect the current favour of players – be that bingo, slots, or sports betting.

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