Facebook working with Dutch regulator KSA on illegal gambling

Dutch Regulator, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) is set on removing any illegal gambling activity from social networking sites such as Facebook. They will be working with Facebook to have these activities removed with some investigations already taking place.


Some of the illegal gambling activity taking place on Facebook in The Netherlands involves online lotteries. These are known as “dipping” and they are taken very seriously by the KSA.

They have recently issued a letter reporting a violation on Facebook, alongside a request to remove the Facebook group. This Facebook group is unlikely to remain online due to the swift action taken by both the KSA and Facebook.

Working together

This partnership between the KSA and Facebook might sound slightly unusual but it aligns with Facebook’s views on illegal activities on its site. Facebook has stated that they do not wish to provide any users with an opportunity to engage in illegal activities and so are working hard to remove any instances of this.

The KSA has started 13 investigations over recent months and they are continuing to clamp down.

The KSA has registered 7 groups on Facebook and these have all been removed. Hopefully, this partnership will help to remove any illegal gambling activities from Facebook in the Netherlands and other regions across Europe.

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