Rightlander European expansion

Rightlander expands its reach to Bulgaria and Portugal

Affiliate compliance specialist Rightlander has continued its European expansion by targeting the iGaming markets of Portugal and Bulgaria. 

Operators in these two countries will have access to Rightlander’s full suite of services, allowing them to ensure that they comply with local gaming regulations. 

This latest expansion follows on from the company offering additional support services to Germany, the UK, Spain and Sweden in recent months. 

Extensive range of features available

The tools that Portuguese and Bulgarian operators will have access to include the Affiliate Compliance Tracker and PPC Brand Bidding. Rightlander will also provide them with its Proactive Affiliate Finder, Compliance Live and Fast Start. 

Founder Ian Sims spoke about expanding further within the European continent and said the following. 

“Rightlander’s priorities are largely driven by our clients’ requirements and we provide data to several large companies dealing in multiple regulated or soon to be regulated territories.    

“Portugal’s iGaming market grew to €69.8m in the first quarter of 2020 and the gambling industry in Bulgaria continues to grow and become more and more interesting for international companies. So, it was only a matter of time before we included these markets into our offering.”

Compliance across a number of channels 

Rightlander will enable operators to monitor paid advertising campaigns through the PPC Brand Bidding tool. This collects data at various points in a 24-hour period and captures information that can be linked to time-sensitive campaigns. 

Elsewhere, the Affiliate Compliance Tracker builds a list of websites where brands have either been mentioned on or linked to. Thanks to this, it’s easier to identify and address potential compliance violations from third parties. 

Sticking with compliance violations, events related to this can be set up. When this is done, operators will be notified whenever such an incident happens. As a result, they can react and solve the issue faster than would otherwise be possible. 

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