Affiliate opportunities in Portugal

Affiliate marketing opportunities in… Portugal

As affiliates and operators seek new markets, there’s a gem on the southwestern coast of Europe that might stand out – Portugal. This small country on the Iberian Peninsula has been a gateway to the world for much of its history. And for you, it could be the starting point for something bigger as well. 

Regulated online gambling in Portugal has been growing ever since laws were passed. That shows no sign of slowing down, either. 

Here’s a quick look at Portugal’s iGaming landscape, along with why you should consider expanding here. 


Online gambling in Portugal was regulated in 2015. The legal age to participate in this activity is 18 for foreigners and 21 for residents. 

Sports betting, bingo and games of chance are all legal – if a licence is obtained. 

When it comes to advertising, online gambling tends to follow the same rules as land-based. Key ones to consider are:

  • Highlight the entertainment aspect of gambling and not demean non-players; 
  • Targeting minors with, or including them in messaging; 
  • Not appealing to aspects that relate to ‘easy winnings’.

A full breakdown of Portuguese gambling regulation is available here

Possible problems to consider 

While there are dozens of regulated operators in Portugal, a large black market exists. Part of this is due to high gambling taxes in the country, with iGaming being subjected to a special online gambling tax (IEJO).

With this in mind, it’s important for affiliates to do their research before promoting operators here. Check to see whether or not they’re regulated to operate in Portugal, along with their player safety procedures. 

Opportunities for affiliates 

Portugal’s online gambling market is growing. In Q4 2019, revenue reached €65.4 million. This was a 52.1% year-on-year increase, with the final three months of 2018 generating €43 million. Moreover, it beat the previous record of €54.1 million set in Q3 2019. 

There are a variety of major operators with Portuguese licences, too. Betway is one of the most recent names to expand here, while the likes of 1XBET are also present. 

Affiliates might also see an opportunity through the country’s official language – Portuguese. This is the same as Brazil, which the industry is awaiting with eagerness to open up this year. And while there are differences in how the language is spoken in both countries, testing success in Portugal could gain more confidence for expanding into Brazil. 

Final thoughts 

Portugal isn’t as big as other markets in Europe, but affiliates could still see value in the long game of expanding here. The market is likely to continue growing, especially if the black market is snuffed out and more operators apply for licences. 

You can see an opportunity in the above, by both channeling players to licenced operators and educating them about staying safe online too. Moreover, success here could lead to similar patterns in Brazil – once this market opens. 

As long as you optimise your website in Portuguese, it’s worth looking at expanding into this market. 

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