Paul Redeye expects real-money betting to play a role in esports

Betting has a role to play in the growth of esports if it’s done right – according to Paul “Redeye” Chaloner.

The reputation of esports gambling has been damaged by instances of corruption, including companies who are operating without licences, under-age gambling and match-fixing. The highly respected broadcaster, with more that 20 years of experience within the esports industry, Redeye, became ambassador for new esports company, Luckbox, back in February 2018.

After never previously working with a gambling company, Chaloner said he had made the decision to join Luckbox as he felt there was a role for responsible gambling operators in esports.

“Betting companies across the board, not just Luckbox, generally want to put money into esports. They have to advertise, they have to sponsor to get exposure.  To do that, they’re putting money into esports businesses, and ultimately that money supports the big events we love to see in stadiums across the world. But not only that, also in providing content and getting in touch with people like myself to provide that content so it’s authentic. And that’s the other key part of the guys at Luckbox, from my point of view, they have some properly authentic esports rich blood history in them.”

Luckbox have already began to accept real-money customers from more than 100 countries, and have announced today, the opening of its beta platform.

With an ambition to combine an esports-dedicated product with the integrity and player safety measures that major traditional bookies offer, esports fans will be offered comprehensive betting on CSGO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. More games will also be offered in the coming months too as new features are unveiled.

The company currently holds a top-tier gambling licence in the Isle Of Man, which will guarantee that players funds will be segregated from business funds, offering players the highest level of protection.

Luckbox is also a member of the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), which works to maintain standards in esports.

Redeye said: “It’s down to companies such as Luckbox to make sure they provide a site and provide a service and a system which is regulated and is good for people who want to bet, but also enables them to educate themselves and to educate them fully on what they’re betting on before we get into the problems of underage gambling or whatever.

“So responsible betting? For sure. Making sure that underage gamblers can’t take part, making sure that people in countries where it’s banned and illegal can’t take part – all part of Luckbox’s responsibility to esports fans and players.

“So they’re trying to provide a safe environment to be able to do it. And you can argue whether using betting or gambling should be done or shouldn’t be done and that’s not for me to say. I think you should be able to make up you own mind.”

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