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New LinkedIn generative AI tool in testing

The AI trend seems to be on a relentless upward trajectory, with the most recent news revealing that a new LinkedIn generative AI tool is currently undergoing testing.  

According to reports, LinkedIn is currently trialling an AI-powered inbox assistant that will give users the chance to generate automated responses to messages and questions.  

For brands with a lot of activity in their LinkedIn inboxes, this could be a game changer. It’s important for businesses to be responsive and to engage with audiences, but this can be an extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive process, requiring staff to man inboxes 24/7 to ensure no messages are missed out.  

This new LinkedIn generative AI tool will be available as an icon in the LinkedIn user interface. Users will be able to activate it and utilise it for research and guidance on answers, craft responses, and check spelling, grammar, and tone.  

Previously, LinkedIn generative AI tools were integrated with the platform’s Recruiter service, allowing HR professionals to automate messages sent out to job seekers.  

LinkedIn parent company Microsoft has been at the forefront of the recent AI revolution. Back in March, the company rolled out generative AI tools with its customer relationship management and enterprise resource management suite of tools.  

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot has also been making waves and is set to be rolled out across web browsers like Chrome and Safari. Microsoft is also introducing a raft of new improvements and updates to its flagship chatbot, which are expected to make it more responsive and more accurate in the answers it gives.  

As AI technology continues to develop, we can expect to see further integration across a range of digital tools and platforms. It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved with the tech world, AI promises to completely change how we use and interact with online services.  

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