new gambling act in Norway

New Gambling Act submitted for consultation in Norway.

The ministry of Culture and Gender Equality in Norway has launched a new consultation in relation to the new proposed Gambling Act.

This new Gambling Act act, once implemented, will serve as a replacement for the previous Gambling Act, as well as the Totalizator Act and the Lottery Act.

The draft of the legislation is currently open until August 5th to receive comments from stakeholders.

The law has updated some enforcement rules as well as consolidating several aspects of the three previous acts.

One of the more significant parts of the new Gambling Act is the new “infringement fees” which will be implemented for any operators who are found to be in violation of the Gambling Act, including international providers who are targeting Norwegian audiences without a licence. The only monopolies in Norway who are allowed to offer online gambling currently are Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping.

There has been previous criticism of the bill from the Norwegian Industry Association for Online Gambling when it was first introduced due to its retaining of the monopoly model.

If operators are found to have broken any of the rules outlined in the act, regulator Lotteri-og Stiftelsestilsynet (Lotteritilsynet) may insist that companies pay up to 10% of their turnover before paying out any winnings.

The full amount of the fine will be determined by Lotteritilsynet depending on the “gravity and duration” of any infringements, as well as the degree of cooperation with authorities, the capabilities of the offenders and taking into account any previous violations.

If the new act is approved, these new rules will come into effect on January 1st 2023.

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