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Meta integrates shopping features for Facebook and Instagram

In another push to integrate social media shopping culture into Facebook and Instagram, Meta is making in-stream buying more efficient and encouraging the use of its AI ad targeting options.

A range of new features are coming which will see Shop ad integrated into the Advantage portfolio of automated ad solutions. More businesses will be able to use Shop ads and it will be easier for US businesses to set up a Shop with in-app checkout ‘so people can complete a purchase on Facebook or Instagram in just a few taps’.

A explained by Meta: “To focus on bringing these Shops ads and checkout tools to more businesses, we will no longer support Shops without checkout in several markets. Businesses in these markets can continue to connect with customers through personalized ads, Reels and business messaging.”

“In the US, we will focus on helping businesses add checkout to their Shop. To ease the transition, we will continue to support Shops that link to a website until April 24, 2024. In select markets where we see a future opportunity to introduce checkout, we’ll continue to support Shops that link to a website to make the transition as easy as possible.”

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