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Meta announces new Facebook creator tools

Meta has released the details of a suite of new Facebook creator tools designed to offer further options for creators on the platforms to maximize their content performance.

Facebook Reels have been a particular focus, with Meta keen to continue pushing the format in an attempt to emulate the success of TikTok. A new Inspiration Hub available via the Professional Dashboard can be used to access data on current trends, as well as popular hashtags and music clips.

Reels templates will now be stored in the newly created Templates Hub, which will make it easier for influencers and affiliate marketing creators to access and use templates when producing video content for Reels.

In addition, users will be able to access and edit assets such as music and text through a new window on the Facebook app, which will optimize creator workflows.

Professional Account features are also being updated to help creators increase their following and better engage with users on the platform. A Daily Checklist will be displayed, prompting pProfessional aAccount users to fully complete their profiles.

A new Creators to Follow section will be available and will display related accounts and creators who are rising in popularity. This is designed to encourage users to reach and forge relationships and collaborative partnerships. Professional Account users will also have a Follow option available next to public comments they have left, creating more opportunities for follower growth.

New performance insights are expected to be made available to creators in the coming weeks, with data on engagement and reach, as well as information on how many new followers specific Reels have generated. There will also be new graphs to illustrate retention and watch time helping creators to optimise content accordingly.

As well as these new Facebook creator tools, Meta is also updating monetization options. Creators will be able to cross-post Reels and Stories across Facebook and Instagram. Creators will also be able to allow partners to post ads from their Facebook account, which will tag the brand partner and offer improved reach and revenue opportunities.

Furthermore, Meta will be inviting more creators to take part in the Performance Bonus Program, which offers opportunities for revenue sharing. Through this program, influencers and affiliates can creators can earn based on user engagement with Facebook content.

Finally, Meta has scaled back Stars eligibility requirements. Now, creators with 500 followers will be eligible to use the feature, a reduction from the previous threshold of 1,000 followers.

What does it all mean for Affiliate Program Managers?

This move demonstrates that micro influencers are becoming more relevant as part of affiliate program partner segmentation and will enable affiliate managers to seek out smaller brand ambassadors and content creators that can make an impact on their program growth and delivery. Finding content partners to promote products and stories about your brand  will be easier and smaller content creators can start earning affiliate commissions from their social content and help drive new sales.

With all these changes, it’s clear to see that Meta is eager to revitalize Facebook, which has lagged behind competitor platforms in recent times. Whether or not these updates will re-establish Facebook as the number one social media platform remains to be seen, but they will certainly offer affiliates and influencers creators a range of excellent new opportunities.

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