Meta introduces new Facebook lead generation tools  

Meta has confirmed that it is introducing a set of new Facebook lead generation tools, designed to drive growth and make it easier for brands and customers to connect on the platform.  

In years gone by, Facebook was the undisputed king of the social media world. More recently, the platform’s power and influence have appeared to wane, it has been sidelined by the emergence of channels like TikTok, and overshadowed by the success of Meta’s other platform, Instagram.  

An exodus of users has been combined with unexpected revenue losses, with many onlookers beginning to suspect that Facebook’s time may indeed be up.  

However, it would appear that Meta isn’t willing to give up on its flagship platform just yet. The company has leveraged emerging AI technology to optimise ad efficiency and has recently confirmed that it will roll out a set of new Facebook lead generation tools.  

Firstly, Meta is improving the way in which discount codes on the platform work. If a customer sees a product advertised on their feed with a special discount code, clicking the ad will take them through to a checkout page with the discount code already applied.  

Additionally, if a customer follows this process but does not complete the purchase, they will be sent a notification prompting them to do so before the discount offer expires.  

This should work to drive sales on the platform and make it easier for customers to take advantage of the best sales and bargains.  

Lead Ads are also being improved, with a new question flow feature that will help businesses deliver more personalised products and services. Questions can be tailored and delivered to customers and their answers will determine what products are offered to them.  

Meta is also allowing for greater integration between Facebook and business websites. After following a link from a Facebook business page to a website, consumers can still use Facebook forms to interact with the business. 

Additionally, customers can communicate more easily with businesses through Facebook DMs, with the option to send their contact information with the click of a button. 

These new Facebook lead generation tools will improve the relationships between customers and businesses on the platform. Consumers will be able to connect with brands more easily, while businesses will have the opportunity to collect more information about customers and generate leads more efficiently.  

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