Affiliate Drive Time Week 45: mass marketing for your affiliate program

It’s important to ensure your affiliate program is being marketed en masse to attract new affiliates. So, how do you get mass recruitment down to a fine art while building your portfolio or program reach.

Lee-Ann discusses a few quick wins on this week’s #AffiliateDriveTime to get you started.

Advertise en masse
Be present and build a consistent message for your affiliate program and shout its USPs. Offer insights in online editorial features. Get your brand involved in events. And have a presence in print magazines. Believe it or not, people still read them!

Attend more events

You don’t need to spend loads to be present at an event and ensure that affiliates notice you. Of course, exhibiting is the obvious way to do this. But curating hospitality events or even partnering with media companies will help you provide great content. It’ll also provide a nice networking event that affiliates will talk about afterwards, along with supporting your brand engagement. Don’t attend events to sell. Go to them to network, listen and hear what issues you can help affiliates to resolve. The hard selling can be done later.

Partner with good people who know good people

Either partner up with specialist agencies or speak to us about what you’re looking to do. We could help you reach more people with a lower budget. Apart from some pretty cool tools we can direct you to, we also have a wide range of features that can help you to expand your reach. So, you should reconsider your target and then get in touch to talk about how we can better-connect you to them.


There isn’t a way around this. Manual searching, recruitment and Googling are still key ways to produce mass mail requirements (i.e. contact us forms) But it’s still not as effective as meeting affiliates directly, or even getting a soft intro to them from somebody who can refer you.


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