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LinkedIn launches Conversations Happening Now for discoverability

LinkedIn is really trying to promote creators on the business networking program. The social media platform has once again expanded on its creator analytics and tools with some new post and topic prompts that will aid in discoverability on the platform.

The platform now features a new Analytics and Tools dashboard, featuring Creator Mode which provides a full overview of content analytics and performance. Plus, there are some added creator-specific tools such as displays of performance over time and topic prompts associated with your profile.

An additional feature is “Conversations Happening Now” which will allow users to tap into trending topics and includes Post Ideas listings. According to LinkedIn, the Conversations Happening Now section will feature post samples that might be relevant to users who are looking to become creators and their audiences. These sample posts are based on the content users might have previously posted and topics that LinkedIn has determined that your audience might be interested in.

The idea is to try to promote posting on the site, which, compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is lacking. Business-focussed influencers are nothing new, and they come in entrepreneurs, small business owners, hustle influencers, etc. and it seems like LinkedIn is decidedly trying to get them off other platforms and onto this one.

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