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LinkedIn rolls out post scheduling

After internally testing that has been carried out over the past few months, employment-focused social media platform LinkedIn has launched a new post scheduling feature.

The option can be accessed by clicking a small clock icon next to the Post button at the bottom right of the posting window. This will open the scheduling menu where users can set a date and time in the future when they want their post to go live. The feature allows posts to be scheduled up to 90 days in advance.

“We’re starting to roll out post scheduling on desktop and Android so that our creators can easily plan the content they want to share next, with iOS coming soon. This means you can schedule text posts, videos, and images up to three months in advance,” LinkedIn said in a statement.

The company also confirmed that the post scheduling feature will be introduced for Groups and Company Pages in the coming months.

While post scheduling could be achieved on LinkedIn through the use of third-party apps, this move to bring the feature in-house could indicate that LinkedIn is attempting to optimize the platform for marketing and brand management purposes. We’ll see if they follow this up with any additional features in the future.

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