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LinkedIn announced new Podcast Academy

In an effort to further expand audio content on the platform, LinkedIn has revealed details about the Podcast Academy, an initiative designed to encourage new podcast creators and expand on the existing LinkedIn Podcast Network.

In recent years, podcasting has exploded in popularity. Experts predict that the US will have over 100 million regular podcast listeners by next year.

Spotify is currently the number one platform for podcasts, but other social channels are eager to take advantage of this booming format.

LinkedIn is certainly no exception. The professional network launched a collection of branded podcasts, known collectively as the LinkedIn Podcast Network, last February.

Through this network, LinkedIn hosts and promotes a wide range of different industry-related podcasts.

With the Podcast Academy, LinkedIn hopes to encourage new podcast creators to use the platform, and will offer support, guidance, and resources to promote the production of new business podcasts.

LinkedIn Head of Original Programming Courtney Chapman Coupe said: “This 6-month incubator pilot will connect emerging business podcasts with exclusive programming, coaching, tools, and LinkedIn co-branding to expand and better reach their audience.

“This inaugural group of professional voices cover a wide range of topics in the professional arena: From leadership and entrepreneurship to human resources and technology.”

The Podcast Academy is scheduled to launch on the 20th of March and will feature 19 podcasts during this initial period.

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