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Spotify redesigns podcaster tools & partners with Patreon

At the Spotify Stream On company event this week, the streaming giant detailed a number of changes to podcaster tools available for creators on the platform.

Podcasts are more popular than ever, and Spotify is one of the most widely-used apps for listening to and following podcasts, accounting for almost 27% of the market share.

It would seem the company is committed to further strengthening its position, introducing a raft of new changes to offer more options for creators on the platform.

The Spotify for Podcasters dashboard has undergone a complete revamp, with updated creative, growth, and monetization tools.

By incorporating the services offered by podcast platform Anchor, which Spotify acquired in 2019, the dashboard will also offer creators the opportunity to analyse their content’s performance, edit existing episodes, add videos, polls, Q&As, and study key listener analytics.

A renewed focus on video content is interesting. It could indicate that Spotify is eager to move away from being a purely audio-based platform and instead attempt to rival video-sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Additionally, the company announced details of a new partnership agreement with Patreon. Under the terms of the deal, creators will be able to further monetize their content through direct listener payments, and users will be able to listen to Patreon content via Spotify.

Spotify Co-President and Chief Business Officer Alex Norstrom said: “Everyone benefits from this partnership. Spotify users can listen to all their favourite content in one place, and at the same time, Patreon podcasters can increase their income and grow their audience.

“These tools give you the ability to choose how you monetize. We will continue to explore more options for you to build out your business.”

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